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Laura's Offerings

LIGHT Coaching Session

LIGHT stands for Love, Inspiration, Guidance, Health, and Transformation. These sessions are intended to promote overall health and well-being. They will incorporate a variety of things including: yoga/breathwork, art, discussion, journaling,

and/or music. 

Calming Concerts

Calming Concerts are one-hour events that are great for building community. They incorporate inspiring quotes and meaningful discussions. These events can also include coloring. Coloring enhances the calming effect of the experience. Concerts can be in-person and/or on Zoom.

LIGHT Coaching

Family Sessions

LIGHT stands for Love, Inspiration, Guidance, Health, and Transformation. The focus of these sessions is to create a gentle, healing space for families to connect with other. Sessions may include any of the following activities: yoga/breathwork, art, journaling, discussion, and/or music.

Private Yoga Session

Laura is available for private yoga sessions. You will work together to determine your goals. Sessions can be done in person or on Zoom.  

Author Visits

Author Visits include a reading of The Sun Is Shining, relaxing breathing exercises and stretches, group discussions, custom coloring sheets that go with the book, and relaxing live music. These events are calming and inspiring. 

Group Yoga Classes

These are gentle, relaxing  yoga classes that can be held in yoga studios, private homes, offices, schools, on Zoom, etc. The class will help participants release physical, mental, and emotional tension. 

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