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About Laura's Artwork

Like music, I had given up on art for many years. I was blocked by a voice in my head that said, "You're not good enough. You're not a 'real' artist."


During the pandemic, I was inspired to write and illustrate a children's book. Although self-doubt protested, I self-published the The Sun Is Shining in December 2020. Achieving that gave me the courage to start doing more art.


Now I am always studying and exploring different styles of art, and I have started offering art classes for fellow sensitive souls who may have given up on their creativity. I believe we are all artists, and I hope to inspire more people to create.

 In addition to traditional artwork, I also love to offer my art to the community through inspirational chalk messages and snow heart sculptures. There are pictures of some of my offerings below. 

I have an Instagram account that is devoted to my artwork: @living_love_designs

I create space for joy_Free-hand_Mandala_edited.jpg

While I was working on my book in 2020, I discovered alcohol-based markers. I really loved them, and they inspired me to draw more. Since then I have also started to play a lot with watercolor and fine-line pen drawings (mandalas and zentangles). 

Chalk Art

During the pandemic, I started writing inspirational chalk messages on my mom's sidewalk. Now I share the messages around her neighborhood and in other cities and states when I am traveling. 

Snow Hearts

During the pandemic, I spent a lot of time in Buffalo, NY with my mom. The long, snow-filled winters inspired me to start making snow hearts (since chalk art was not an option).  In 2022, the hearts were featured in Buffalo Rising and were also on
WGRZ Channel 2 News on Valentine's Day. You can watch the clip HERE

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