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Your Heart Is Calling You 💗

In 2014, I had one of the most vivid and memorable nightmares of my life. I dreamt that I had throat cancer and that I had 24 hours to live.

There was a line of people saying goodbye to me in the dream. I was crying and saying, “No, this can’t be happening. I’m not supposed to die yet!”

As a yoga teacher, we are taught about the chakras.

I analyzed the dream through that lens, searching for understanding.

The throat chakra is the energy center for communication, self-expression, and speaking your truth.

I asked myself, “Why am I having a dream like this? I am expressing myself. I journal and I teach yoga. I am speaking and sharing. What does this mean?”

The answer unfolded over next few years…

I wasn’t singing.

As I look back now, it is SO CLEAR that the dream was calling me to sing… and showing me the pain of not singing.

But at the time it made no sense, because I was oblivious to the fact that singing was calling to me.

I had completely written it off as a possibility in my life in my early 20s, and it was not on my radar as something that I needed to do.

Thankfully, the ukulele appeared in my life in September 2015 and inspired me to slowly-but-surely start sharing my singing again.

I resisted the idea of singing in front of people at first, but I learned and practiced anyway.

Something in my heart called me to, and I am so grateful that I listened to that urge even though my fear vehemently protested.

If you told me in 2014 that I would be singing and performing a few years later, I would not have believed you... and I would have given you a list of reasons why I thought it was impossible.

I share my story to inspire you and to show you that ANYTHING is possible when you listen to your heart and move through (and beyond) your fear.

I believe that we are all creators in some capacity.

There is no limit to what we can create in a lifetime.

And there is no limit to how much we can grow in the process of pursuing that creativity.

I encourage you to follow your heart.

Listen to its calling.

You will not regret it.

The world needs people who are expanding and creating. This is how we will build the beautiful and loving experience that we all want for humanity.

Believe in yourself.

Value your unique gifts.

You are here to LIGHT the world.


This is a picture of me with my parents in 2014.


May you always feel the LOVE that surrounds you.


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