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Falling apart in order to come together. 💜

I had to battle the vacuum cleaner today. I wasn’t in the mood to deal with this unexpected road block.

My mind was protesting, ”Seriously?! I just want to clean the house. Why is this happening right now?!”

My higher self reminded me to take a breath and calmly told me, “You can figure this out.”

Like an angry two-year-old, my mind responded, “I don’t want to figure it out!! I clean the filters all the time. I just want this thing to work!”

Thankfully, I had the power to listen to my higher self while my inner two-year-old continued to throw a tantrum in the background.

I looked up videos on YouTube (thank god for YouTube!), and I took the whole thing apart.

Eventually I found the clog… pine needles from our Christmas tree!!

“Funny how something that brings joy can also create stress and upset,” I thought.

So what’s the spiritual lesson?

Lately I’ve been feeling stuck, frustrated, and uninspired.

I’ve been thinking, “What’s wrong with me? There’s no reason to feel this way.”

But taking the vacuum cleaner apart today reminded me that sometimes you need to fall apart in order to align with your truth and move forward.

Sometimes you need to go through every minute detail of yourself and reasses what is and isn’t working in order to clearly see the path before you.

Sometimes you need to be present with yourself… the parts you like and the parts you don’t like.

Sometimes you need to trust that things are happening to guide you to what you need to see.

And sometimes the things that are here to guide you feel like a road block or a burden.

But in the end, every experience, good or bad, is important.

Every experience is here to teach you and inspire growth in you.

To those of you who read this, I hope the message resonates with you.

If you’re feeling stuck, frustrated, or broken (or any other undesirable emotion), you’re not alone.

It’s part of being human.

Know that you’re beautiful no matter how you’re feeling.

And you are lovable now matter how you’re feeling.

Believe in yourself.

Be gentle with yourself.

You’re right where you are meant to be.

Trust the process.

And may you always feel the LOVE that surrounds you. 💙🧡💜💚💛❤️🤎

Photo of the victory. haha I was so happy when I found the clog!

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