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Trust the process. ⛈❤️🌈

The other day, I was sitting and enjoying a summer thunderstorm.

I laid on my yoga mat with my legs up on a chair and just watched and listened.

I loved it, and I thought…

“What if I could enjoy the ‘storms’ of life as much as I enjoy this thunderstorm?”

More often than not, we resist the storms that arise in our lives. We fight them, push them away, or try to suppress them.

But what if we allowed them and trusted that they would pass?

What if we trusted that they bring something that we need, just like the rain brings what the flowers need to grow?

Many people understand this concept in theory, but the reality of enacting it can be challenging when we are feeling actively upset.

It is a practice to trust the process.

Be patient with yourself as you navigate the storms that inevitably arise in life.

Know that you are beautiful no matter what storm may be moving through.

- - -

These are some affirmations that I use to navigate through the storms:

  • I trust the Divine Timing of my life.

  • I trust that I am loved and supported.

  • Nothing can break my connection to LOVE.

  • I learn and grow through every experience.

  • I believe in myself.

  • I deserve to be heard and understood.

In a storm, I also ask myself:

  • Why is this making me upset?

  • What would make me feel better about this situation?

  • Am I telling myself a story about this situation or person that is amplifying my upset?

  • Is this the only way I can react to this?

  • What would make me feel empowered?

- - -

Sometimes a storm creates space for something beautiful afterward, like a rainbow!

I took this photo after a summer thunderstorm in Buffalo this summer.

- - -

May you always feel the LOVE that surrounds you.


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